A Doctor's Guide to Life

25th September 2012


Fake Doctor’s Notes For School And Work, Are They Worth The Money?

I had a friend tell me that he never paid for a fake doctors note. In the next breath he told me that the free one he used was recognized as a fake right away. I told him that you often get what you pay for.

I have been using fake doctor’s notes from bestfakedoctornotes.com for a few years now and have obtained some great results. I remember this one time my son needed a doctors note for school. I went to my desk drawer where I store my notes and got one out. It did the trick with no questions asked.

When you need an excuse for work or school it is very easy to obtain one from the site. They are well worth the amount of money that you pay for them. I love to use them as a joke on my co-workers too. I once said I had Paraneoplastic pemphigus and that I could die any day. My co-workers asked me what that was and I told them. One of the guys went home and told me the next day that was a very rare disease and he was in doubt that I had it. I handed him my excuse and there it was, clear as day. I later said that the doctor was just being cautious and that the disease was a simple rash.

My boss never seems to question my notes. If I give him a note he asks me if he could catch it. I think he is afraid of germs or something. Regardless of what they think I have on a daily basis, these forms seem to do the trick any time I need to take some time off or take a trip with my kids.

If you need to find an excuse to be somewhere other than school or work you should try using these notes. Please save yourself the grief, do not use a free note because they do not look like the real thing and can get you into issues later. You can sometimes see a sample on the site.